101 in 1001 Update

Since I’ve accomplished a couple of the more boring things on my 101 in 1001 list, I thought I’d just recap a the ones that I have gotten done in the past couple of months in one post, rather than doing full posts for each of them.  (I’m pretty sure you all don’t want to read a long post about my new dentist.  😉 )  So here we go.

#46 – Find a New Dentist.

So, I suppose one of the downsides of having good dental insurance all of your life is always going to the dentist on a regular basis that you generally really like.  This is what happened to me.  I loved the dentist I had growing up…..and until I was off my parents insurance somewhere around the age of 25.  So when I switched over to the husband’s insurance, they of course did not cover her and I had to start the hunt for a new dentist.  But how in the world do you find a “good” dentist when you just have a list of possibilities from the insurance company?  Well, the first dentist that I chose, I did so because they were very close to both my home and work.  Turns out, convenience is not the best way to choose a dentist.  The first dentist that I chose was so painful – and expensive – that they basically caused me to stop going to the dentist for over a year.

So, the time came a year or so later that I figured it was time to be an adult and find another new dentist covered by the insurance so my teeth don’t rot away.  This time, I asked some friends who I know have the same insurance as I do.  This is a much better idea than just picking at random.  Both of the couples had been there before and were very impressed – plus, since they have my same insurance, I know that it would be covered!  The place that they recommended is Killian Dental.  I went, and had the same rave reviews that they did.  The place is pretty high tech and fancy but the dentist and all of the rest of the staff are very nice and friendly.  Even when I had to call them and tell them that I had given them the wrong insurance card at my appointment (oops!) and asked if they could switch it and bill the other one, there was no issues and it was handled smoothly.  I definitely recommend these guys.


#54 – Buy New Glasses

Ok, so this update has been a long time coming because I actually ordered these glasses at the same time as I got my new contacts.  I’ve just been busy with more interesting food related posts to share this with you.  So, just for reference (and because I know I don’t show  lot of photos of me so you all are probably curious what I look like. I would be.) here is me with the old glasses:

Old Glasses

And me with the new glasses:

New Glasses

Oh, hey akward bathroom mirror photo…..

You can’t actually tell in the photo but they are kind of a marbled grey and black.  A bit thicker than my old ones, with a little bit of bling on the side.  I love that I have the option of cute (un-chewed on) glasses or contacts!

For those of you who are wondering why I needed/wanted new glasses in the first place, here is why.  One morning before I went to take a shower, I left my glasses on the table next to the couch.  However, when I came out of the shower, they were no longer in the couch but instead sitting on the floor being chewed on by this little innocent face:

Olive Blanket

At first I thought they would be fine and I could just deal with some chew marks on the frame, but then as I went through my day, I realized that there were also a few chew marks on the lenses and it started to annoy me to the point that I needed to get new glasses.  Since my insurance wouldn’t cover new glasses at the time,  I had to pay for them myself.  I ended up getting the exact same pair – mostly because I’m bad at making decisions and I did still like them.  So, I get my new glasses. Literally days later it happened again.  Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson of leaving my glasses within dog reach, and I found her chewing on them again.  Luckily this time I caught her sooner and there was much less damage done.  I would just have to deal with a couple of chew marks on the frame.

This all happened about a year ago, so this year I decided it was time to get new frames – now that my insurance would cover it – not only so that I didn’t have to deal with chew marks, but also just to change it up a bit.  Moral of the story:  Do not leave you valuables within dogs reach!


Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

101 in 1001: Read 5 Books: #2

Holy cow, two books in less than two months?!  Wow.  Go ahead and laugh.  Obviously I am not an avid reader.  But the whole idea of 101 in 1001 is to challenge myself, and I’m doing my best to do that.

Maybe my reading more books has to do with my limiting TV time.  Did you know that I did not watch one minute of American Idol last season?  I’ve been an avid American idol fan since the beginning, but this year I decided I wouldn’t watch. At first it was hard.  Everyone was talking about the new judges and new contestants, I had to really force myself not to turn on the TV at that time.  I usually ended up going to yoga or doing something out of the house while it was on TV so that I wouldn’t be tempted to watch. Throughout the season it got easier not to watch.  I wasn’t invested in the the contestants because I didn’t know who they were, I didn’t care about the guest musicians, somehow I had broken myself of this 2+ hour a week habit.  Honestly, I’m pretty happy I didn’t watch.  I feel like my time was used for better things.


The second book that I read this year was Bossypants by Tina Fey.

Tina Fey Bossypants

I have loved Tina Fey ever since she was on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.  Weekend Update has always seemed to be the part of SNL that seems to be funny no matter who the special guests are or what the rest of the cast is like, the WU anchors always seem to knock it out of the park.  Now that Tina is on (and created and writes for) 30 Rock, I’ve been watching that as well.  I will admit, it took me a while to get into it, but now I definitely look forward to watching it every week.  (Not only for her, but the other characters as well)

I started reading this book after a few of my friends had already finished it.  I had an idea that it would be a funny book – since Tina is a funny lady – but  I didn’t imagine it to be as laugh out loud (LITERALLY LOL) funny as it was.  Yes,  I was the girl reading this on a plane trying to hold back laughter.  In the book Tina describes various points in her life, from when she first started in comedy in Chicago to when she got the gig at SNL to 30 Rock.  I loved the mix of hilarity, but also interesting information.  Well, interesting I guess if you are interested in her life.

She talks about her life as an actor in the Second City improv troop while women were definitely the minority in comedy.  She talks about how she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do the Sarah Palin character for SNL, and what it was like to meet Sarah during one of the shows.  She talks about her family life, and balancing holidays with family in different states, having kids, and more.

Even though there were times that I put this book down for an extended period of time, when I picked it back up I wasn’t sure why I had put it down in the first place.  Definitely a good, funny, fast read.