Moments from My iPhone

Yesterday Caitlin posted her a bunch of her iPhone photos from the past two years, and I thought it was a fun idea to see random moments from her life, so I thought I’d share the same with you! Get ready for a ton of random photos from the past few years.

Olive Tutu

Olive likes to dress up for Halloween.

Cat in Box

Miss Kitty likes boxes.

Knit Wire

Sometimes I knit with untraditional materials.

Save the Date

I got married!


I got to see RENT performed with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal!!!

Fred and Keenan

Sometimes I get to meet amazing people at work events.  ….and also apparently take stalker-like iPhone photos of them.


This is what my job looks like from approximately October through the end of December.

Olive Bunny

Olive is the Easter Bunny….or something.


Sometimes I buy veggies just because they are pretty.


I am an Artist.

Operation Beautiful Note

I post lots of Operation Beautiful notes.


Swag bags are pretty sweet.


Madison is beautiful….even if it is dark, rainy and cloudy outside.


I’ve spent a fair amount of time in airports.


Olive has a secret admirer.  😉

Tea Time

Tea Time with friends is lots of fun.


It snows in Wisconsin.  A lot.

Tea Quote

I like Yogi Tea quotes. A Lot.



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