Restaurant Review: Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

While we were in Chicago for some comedy shows a couple of weeks ago, we went in search of cupcakes.  Google told us about a few that were within walking distance from our hotel.  The first one we came across: Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique. This shop was very small and cute, definitely had the vibe of an independent baker – not a chain. They had regular sized cupcakes, as well as mini cupcakes.  For our tasting purposes, we went with four mini’s.

Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique

The four flavors we had were Chocolate Peppermint, Strawberry Dream, Texas Red Velvet, and Lemon Drop.  The cupcakes were pretty good, and very moist.  However, the flavors an presentation just didn’t amaze me.  For instance, the Chocolate Peppermint cupcake was basically a chocolate cupcake with a mint chocolate frosting.  The amount of frosting that was on the cupcake was nice – not overwhelming like some others, however the decoration was plain, and boring.  It was good, just not really anything special.

Taste: B+, good, but nothing amazing.
Cost: A, the mini’s were $1.50 each, which I think is very reasonable for little cupcake bites.

Would I go there again? I don’t think so, it was nothing spectacular, and I think there are other places in Chicago that I would like to try.

Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Restaurant Review: Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique

  1. I LOVE Sugar Bliss! They are my favorite cupcakes in the city! I actually made a special trip downtown to pick up these cupcakes for my brother and sister in law’s wedding shower. Though I think the simplicity in presentation and the subtly in the flavors is what I like most about them actually. I like frosting there a lot too. It’s much less oily than several of the other cupcake boutiques I’ve tried.

    Next time you’re looking for cupcakes in Chicago, try More. They’re my second favorite.

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