New Foods I'm Loving : Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit

Since this blog is all about expanding my food horizons in hopes that I expand my diet, I thought I’d share with you some new (to me) packaged foods that I have tried recently that I am loving!  I have a few that I’ve found so far, but over time, hopefully there will be many that I will share with you. Full Disclosure: I paid for this all on my own, and am not getting compensated in any way for my opinions.

Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit

Twisted Fruit

I have always been a fan of fruit snacks.  They were part of my packed lunches when I was in school and became a favorite snack in college. I realize that “normal” fruit snacks are not exactly healthy for you.  So, when some friends and I decided to commit to adding more fruit and veggies to our diet, I started to look for more natural, fruit filled snacks.  (sorry veggies, I prefer fruit)  However, since sometimes it is inconvenient to peel a banana or orange in the middle of the work day (read: I’m lazy) I again turned to fruit snacks.  This time,  I read ingredients and nutritional information to be sure that I wasn’t just eating artificially fruit flavored sugar.

Twisted Fruit

I think I originally found these at Target (I love how Target seems to be carrying more “good for you” products!) but I have also seen them at Whole Foods!  In fact, the last time I bought them, they were 2 boxes for $5 at Whole foods!  The ingredients list for these is pretty impressive considering how delicious they are! No artificial flavors or preservatives, no processed sugars, and they are gluten free.  Also, possibly the thing that I enjoy the most about them, is that one twist is the equivalent of one serving of fruit!

I have tried the strawberry, mixed berry and tropical flavors so far and I really like them all!

How do you get your daily fill of fruit and veggies?


3 thoughts on “New Foods I'm Loving : Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit

  1. At the moment I am HOOKED on Bolthouse Green Juice. I bring it for breakfast every morning to work and gross out everyone that I walk by. Yet, I love it and feel wonderful since I started drinking it. These sound great, and I will be looking for them tomorrow at the store.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been finding myself eating a lot of fruit snacks lately, but these would be so much better for me (and for sharing with Baby 2).

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