Fajita Soup

For Mothers day this year I wanted to make something light and easy for lunch with my family.  After much deliberation, we decided on soup and salad.  I went to a few different websites to search for soups to make, and finally decided  on this one from Peas and Thank You.  Mama Pea creates some awesome vegan recipes that I have wanted to try many times.  I chose one of her recipes to make for my family because I knew that even if it wasn’t exactly my thing, my family would probably like it – because I am obviously more picky than anyone else I know. You can find the recipe here.

This soup is full of veggies and beans and lots of other healthy foods.  I am not always a fan of these healthy foods.  Like on days where I chose to eat a giant apple fritter instead.  But I thought I’d give it a try.

Fajita Soup

You are going to think I’m a fool when I tell you that this tasted spicy to me.  But mild salsa also generally tastes spicy to me, so I’m sure it won’t be too spicy for anyone else.  Other than that, it did taste good.  The tortilla strips were a fun and very easy added touch.

Ease: B+, there was quite a bit of chopping and prep involved, but once all of that is done, you just throw it all in a pot and let it cook.
Taste: B, I didn’t love all of the vegetables but the flavor was good – even if it was a bit spicy for me 😉

Would I make it again? Probably not for myself, but it is an easy, tasty soup!


Today I am off hunting Morel Mushrooms, and maybe some outdoor yoga if the weather cooperates!  Anyone have any great recipes that involve Morels? I have no idea what I’m going to do with them -we’ll see how many of them I even get!
What are your plans for the weekend? 


One thought on “Fajita Soup

  1. Wash your morels, slice them and roll them in some seasoned flour. Fry in butter. U will be so happy. We had them in scrambled eggs this morning. Found some recipes to stuff them with cream cheese, peppers ,onions, and garlic. Mozz cheese…

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