New Foods I'm loving : Chocolate Chip Brownie Larabars

Since this blog is all about expanding my food horizons in hopes that I expand my diet, I thought I’d share with you some new (to me) packaged foods that I have tried recently that I am loving!  I have a few that I’ve found so far, but over time, hopefully there will be many that I will share with you. Full Disclosure: I paid for this all on my own, and am not getting compensated in any way for my opinions.

 Chocolate Chip Brownie Larabars

Chocolate Chip Brownie Larabar

When I first tried Larabars, I was not excited.  Too full of dates and nuts for me. I didn’t like the taste of the dates, and the texture of the nuts.  However, I kept trying different kinds to see if it was just that one kind that I didn’t like, or if it was that type of bar. I was pretty sure I couldn’t go wrong with the Chocolate Chip Brownie variety.  I mean, really, brownie is part of my blog name.  I love them.

I was slightly discouraged when I opened the packaging and saw nuts.  Yes, I know the ingredients say nuts….but its possible I didn’t read the ingredients at first in hopes of tricking my brain into thinking that it was just a normal brownie…..   Anyways.  I ate it.  And I liked it.  A lot.  In fact, the slightly nutty taste definitely grew on me.  Then I looked at the ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Walnuts, Chocolate Chips, Salt, Cocoa Powder.  Only six ingredients and they are all REAL?!?  It is very unlike me to like a brownie that is so healthy, but I’m really glad that I do.  I love that these are made of whole fruits and nuts but with a chocolatey flavor that feels like you are treating yourself to something special.  These make a great mid-day snack!

Have you had Larabars before?  Do you have a favorite flavor?


Happy Monday!

Over the weekend, I started the Couch to 5K program!  

What fun things did you do this weekend?


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