Thursday Things

1) I am currently taking a cake decorating class.  Its a lot of fun so far, but holy cow it uses hand muscles that I never knew I had! This is what came out of the second class:

Duck Cake

Duck Cake

2) Tuesday March 1 was National Pancake Day! I celebrated by making possibly the best pancakes I’ve ever made.  Who knew Greek Yogurt would make pancakes so moist and more filling!?!  Don’t worry, I’ll share the recipe with you soon 🙂

Pancake Day

3) Today I am participating in a bake/make sale on Katie’s blog.  This bake/make sale is helping Katie afford a volunteer/service learning trip to Nicaragua.

Nic Bake Sale

I am donating an adorable knit cup cozy:

Mug Cozy

Be sure to go check out Katie’s Blog: and bid!  There are many, many other delicious looking baked goods and things that are definitely worth bidding on as well.   The bake/make sale is only running TODAY, (March 4) from 9AM CST trhough 9PM CST.  Go get your bidding on!!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Things

    • How sweet of you, thanks!! Cake decorating really is a lot of simple techniques put together, I bet you could still do it!

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