Things I Learned in CDNY

(If you are wondering, CDNY is an abbreviation of Capital District New York, which includes such places as Scotia, Schenectady, Albany, Saratoga, etc.)

1: Schenectady is pronounced ska-neck-ta-dee not she-dan-teeeeee…….ooooor however I imagined it should be pronounced.

2: The restaurant selection in the CDNY area is AMAZING. I will write official posts with reviews of the places I went soon, but they were all really outstanding.


3: Being productive is a lot easier when sitting in a coffee shop with two other blogger friends.

Coffee Planet

4: Black Light bowling is, in fact, still fun when you are 27.


5: The blogging community in the CDNY area is pretty amazing.


A million thanks to Heather for letting me stay with her for the weekend, Julie for making the trip from Ithaca, and Katie for driving me to the train station!  Oh, and THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of the rest of the CDNY blogger clan that came out to dinner on Friday, I had a blast!

As much fun as I had in New York, I am glad to be back home – and I’m pretty sure the Husband and my fur babies are glad to have me back too 🙂


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