Fluffy Delicious Cornbread

Ever since I made chili for the first time, the Husband has been begging me to make cornbread to go with the chili.  Since then I have made the chili a couple more times with other types of breads to go along with it – but not cornbread.  Yes, I realize that there is a cornbread recipe WITH the chili recipe that I use from How Sweet It Is, but I never remember to get creamed corn.  Yes, I’m lazy.

So, this time around, I tried to plan ahead – at least a little – and got the creamed corn at the same time as the rest of the chili supplies.  I do work very close to a grocery store, so really forgetting ingredients should never be an excuse.

You can find the recipe here.


I think it turned out well.  I can’t say that I have actually had cornbread before.  To me, it seemed dry – but apparently that is how cornbread it supposed to be.

Ease: A, not hard at all.  Just mixing ingredients together and then baking.
Taste: B, I don’t know.  I guess I’m just not a fan of cornbread.  It definitely didn’t taste bad, but I prefer saltines with my chili.

Would I make it again? Not for myself, but maybe for another cornbread lover.


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