Flaxseed Grissini

Hey, another Thinkfood recipe! (I swear I’m gonna catch up some day)

This recipe comes from Susan of Wild Yeast.  You can find the recipe here.

The first question that came to mind before making this recipe: What the heck is Grissini?

So, I searched the internet to find an answer.  I found out that Grissini are thin crunchy breadsticks that are often served as an appetizer at Italian restaurants.

Well, my very first bread making experience.  Honestly, it was easier than I thought it would be.  This also means that my irrational fear of recipes involving yeast may, in fact, might have come to an end.


For toppings, I chose to put sesame seeds on some and flaxseeds on others.  My husband suggested that salt would have been a good choice for topping as well.

I’m not a huge fan of these crunchy breadsticks – but that isn’t anything against this variety in particular, just in general I don’t really like them all that much.  I definitely prefer the doughy Olive Garden style breadsticks.

Ease: B+, the actual mixing is done in a food processor, so that is no big deal.  After the dough has risen, you have to flatten it, slice it, and put your choice of toppings on it, which is a bit time consuming.
Taste: C+, I don’t know.  I’m just not really a fan.  They don’t taste particularly bad, just blah.  Maybe if they were dipped in cheese or something they would have a better chance.

Would I make them again? Its too bad that I didn’t really like them, because they look super fancy when they are done, and they don’t really take too much work.  I just don’t really like them.


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