Balsamic Roasted Garlic Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta

I am SO behind on making the Thinkfood recipes.  The next few I make might be out of order, but I’m still going to make them!

This one is number 27 in the series.  It comes from Angelia at Eclectic Recipes.  You can find it here.

I decided to make this for dinner one night, because it seemed easy – and fairly safe.  Chicken and pasta are definitely in my safe zone.

I did leave out the pimentos – but only because I couldn’t find them in the grocery store.

Balsamic Chicken

It was not really difficult to make, but a couple of things should be noted.

1) It doesn’t really specify how large of a head of garlic to use.  The ones that I used were fairly small, and I don’t really think  I got the roasted garlic taste at all.

2) When it says “cut off the top end of the garlic” how do you know which is the top?  For future reference, the top is the pointy side – if you cut the other side, all of the cloves of garlic fall out.  Lesson learned.

I thought I liked balsamic vinegar…..but apparently a small amount with olive oil on a salad is different than a bunch of it on chicken.

Ease: B, not too difficult, but it does take about an hour to make.
Taste: B-, I definitely didn’t love it…..but I ate most of it…….well, that was without putting the “sauce” on the noodles, so it was only really the outside of the chicken that tasted like vinegar.  Maybe if I would have had the pimentos, it would have had a little bit better flavor?

Would I make it again? No, probably not.  Although chicken and pasta are some of my favorites, I really didn’t like the balsamic vinegar “sauce”



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