Recipe: Peanut Butter Oreo Balls

Oh, look, its another Oreo Ball variation!  The original recipe is here.

Previously I have made Nutella Oreo Balls and Mint Oreo Balls.  This time, I decided to do peanut butter.

Um, ok  I lied.  By I decided, I really mean the Husband decided.  Honestly, I’m surprised it took him this long to suggest that we make a peanut butter version.  And, well, since its no secret that I don’t like peanut butter, I’ll tell you just what I’m sure you’re expecting to hear.  Yes, he made them as well.  He, in fact, is quite talented at making Oreo Balls.  🙂

Peanut Butter Balls

The recipe is basically the same as the original recipe except that this time we used peanut butter Oreo’s instead of regular Oreo’s.  We also drizzled peanut butter over the top instead of drizzling chocolate.  A couple of things to note about the peanut butter drizzle:

– It takes a lot more peanut butter than you’d think to drizzle on top of them.  I would guess the Husband used about a half cup of peanut butter (melted) for the drizzle on one batch.

-The peanut butter doesn’t really harden like chocolate does.  So, the balls get pretty sticky, even when they have been refrigerated.  It is even more important to keep these in the refrigerator when they are not being eaten, otherwise you will have gooey peanut buttery balls on your hands.

Ease: A-, a bit of prep work and waiting time involved, but nothing too hard, and it is SO worth it for the end result.
Taste: well, since I don’t like peanut butter I can’t tell you how they test.  However, from what other people have said, I would imagine they are just as good as the original – if not better.

Would I make them again? If we make them again, we have to figure out the sticky peanut butter problem. However, they actually weren’t as popular at the family get togethers that we took them to as we thought, so I’m not sure.

Now that we have made Oreo Balls for so many occasions, we are kind of known for them.  I kind of feel like people expect us to bring them to every occasion at this point.
Is there something that you are basically expected to bring to every family gathering?


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