Super Quick Disney Recap: Day 3

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For our third day in Orlando, we headed to the Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom Sign

Animal Kingdom is a favorite of mine because, if it wasn’t clear before, I love animals.

Kilimanjaro Safari’s is one of my favorite attractions in all of  WDW, and definitely one of my favorite parts of the Animal Kingdom. Yeah, they try to make a corny story out of it and pretend like you are in Africa, but you get to see so many animals super close up!  We actually ended up going on this twice over the time we were there.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that I took hundreds of photos on this “ride” alone.  Here are some of my favorites:



Rhino Family

In case, when you go the line for the safari is reeeealy long and you can’t get a fastpass, there are two self guided walking trails that you can go on to see lots of animals as well.  Some of these animals are the same as what you see on the safari, and some are different.  Even if you do go on the safari, these self-guided trails are still definitely worth doing.

One of the things that I loved about WDW this time of year – and the resorts as well – it that everything is decorated for Christmas!  Here is part of the Animal Kingdom tree:

Animal Kingdom Tree

Other attractions at Animal Kingdom include the thrilling Everest rollercoaster, the Dinosaur ride, and the Finding Nemo musical.

I LOVE the Finding Nemo musical.  The costuming is done in the same style that was done for the famous Lion King musical, and it really is a fantastic show.  It isn’t the length of a full musical, so there are some parts where you can tell they are skipping a bunch of content that was in the movie.  Besides that, it is a great show.  The songs are catchy and fun.  Here is a taste of what you can see at the show:


That pretty much sums up our day at the Animal Kingdom.  That night, we went back over to EPCOT to eat at the Garden Grill.  Review coming up next!


One thought on “Super Quick Disney Recap: Day 3

  1. I love the giraffe picture. 🙂 Giraffes are my second fav animal – after otters, before fireflies. 🙂

    and I didn’t know there was a Finding Nemo musical! haha that’s AWESOME.

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