Coconut-Cherry Granola

For my third and final (for now) granola recipe I decided to try my friend Julie’s recipe.  You can find it here.

Instead of cherries, I used dried bananas. So I guess it is coconut-banana granola?  Really it smells a lot like peanut butter to me.  I also used almond slivers instead of whole almonds because that is what I had already on hand.

I learned today that there is a difference between freeze dried bananas and dehydrated (dried) bananas.  According to the husband, the freeze-dried did not taste as crispy, and tasted a bit spongy.  I’m not really a fan of dried fruit, so I’m not a good judge.  I bought freeze-dried, so I used freeze-dried. Whatever.

Banana Slices

As you already know (I think I’ve mentioned it on the blog before?) I’m not a fan of peanut butter.  I know, go ahead, I’m used to getting crap for it, I can handle it.

Now you ask: Why did you make this granola that uses peanut butter? My answer: To give as a gift to my peanut butter loving friends.  Including my husband.  Don’t worry, the amount of peanut butter that he eats makes up for the amount that I don’t eat. 🙂

PB Granola

This recipe was slightly more complicated than the other two. You do have to melt all of the wet ingredients together before you mix it all together so that you don’t just get chunks stuck to peanut butter.  But really, it was not that difficult at all.

Ease: B+, a bit more difficult than the other granola recipes that I’ve tried, but definitely not difficult.
Taste: I can’t really rate the taste of this one since I didn’t eat it, but the Husband seemed to really like it – aside from the slightly odd  texture of the freeze-dried bananas.

Would I make it again? Possibly.  However, I honestly don’t like even the smell of peanut butter so that keeps me from making many peanut butter based things.

I am SO close to being done with all of my Handmade Christmas gifts, but I still have a few things to finish up.  Some knitting projects to finish, a couple more batches of PB Dog Treats, and a handful more heart ornaments to make.  4 more sleeps…..


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