Easy Toss and Bake Granola

My granola making adventures continue.

As I said before, I don’t exactly love granola, but it is an easy, fun, and mostly healthy thing to make, so I thought I’d  try a few different kinds.

My first try was a pumpkin pie spice granola, and I have a couple of others lined up to try as well.

This recipe is a super basic, oats, nuts, maple syrup and some dried fruit kind of granola.  It is from Real Simple magazine, and you can find the recipe here.

This recipe is even easier than the last one that I made.

Easy Granola

It didn’t really clump like the pumpkin pie granola, but it definitely had the sweet maple syrup taste.

Ease: A+, really easy.  I’m thinking that you could probably even “eyeball” the measurements and things would still turn out ok.
Taste: B+, as you already know I don’t love granola, but I do like the taste of this.  It is sweet, but not super sugary sweet.

Would I make it again? The Husband would like me to make it again, but make it more clusery like the other one.  Anyone have a suggestion of how I could do that?

Back to the Christmas projects I go!  Oh wait, actually when this post goes up I’ll be working…..  🙂


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