Handmade Christmas 2010 Update #3

What is Handmade Christmas 2010Heather started the Handmade Christmas movement this year for many reasons.  I am doing it because I enjoy making handmade gifts and I think the when you give something handmade, it is more special and unique than something that can be found anywhere.  You can check out some other reasons to have a Handmade Christmas in Heather’s intro post here.

Here are some more vague pictures of Christmas gifts I’m working on.  Enjoy! 🙂

Knit 1

Knit 2

Knit 3

Knit 4

I still have a few projects to finish, and of course baked goods to make, but I’m getting there!

My goal for the next couple days: somehow pack for a 10 day trip without overflowing my suitcase.  We’ll see how this goes.  Also, packing for 80 degree weather while in 30 degree weather is quite challenging.

How are your Handmade Christmas gifts coming?

Heather is hosting an ornament exchange as part of the handmade fun!  Did you sign up to be a part of it yet?   Do it!  Go check it out here.  Think you aren’t crafty enough to participate?  Heather has had some great ornament tutorials on her blog this week – they are all VERY doable for the uncrafty.


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