Shipping Food PSA

Dear Friends,

On Monday I sent a package to my dear friend Heather.  This package included a variety of homemade treats.  Apparently my treats were so tasty, that some of Heather’s outdoor friends decided to try them before she got home from work.  Without her permission.

When you are shipping homemade treats this Holiday season, be sure to pack them well!  Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap don’t seem to be a detterrent to our outdoor friends.  I would suggest covering the package in duct tape, or maybe enclosing the contents in a metal box.

You can read the sad (yet also pretty hilarious) story of what happened to Heather’s treats on her blog, here.

It is unfortunate what happened to Heather’s treats.  Please don’t let this happen to your loved ones.

This has been a Shipping Food PSA, now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts.


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