Restaurant Review: Benihana

Yes,  I realize Benihana is a chain.

However, I love hibachi style food, and it is always a fun, delicious experience.  I thought I’d share at least a few photos of the experience I had.


Hot Tea




Double Volcano




Ice Cream

Taste: A, so so delicious.  I should mention, the only thing that I didn’t eat from the photos were the onions, and the tomatoes from the salad.
Cost: B, hibachi is not cheap, however you get a TON of food.  Also, the place was in our hotel and we actually got a coupon for $25 off two dinners when we checked in, so it was well worth it in my opinion.

Would I go there again? Probably.  As I said before, I really like hibachi food.  It is not somewhere that I would go every day, because of the cost and the amount of food that you get, but it is always a good, entertaining, meal.

Benihana (Hilton) on Urbanspoon

As far as Madison hibachi style places go, my favorite is Ginza of Toyko on the west side.

Fun Fact: The first time I ever had hibachi style food was a few years ago at the Benihana in Chicago.  My arm had to be twisted pretty hard to convince me to go, and now it is one of my favorite styles of food.  It was also the first time I ever had shrimp.


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