Happy (Early) Birthday to Me!

After waiting many years and debating between different styles and brands, I am the proud owner of my very own DSLR!!!

CameraMy brand new beautiful Canon T2i, isn’t she a beauty? 🙂

This was an early birthday gift from my wonderful husband.  When is my birthday, you ask?  December 1st…….yes, it was a very early birthday gift.  There was a reason that I needed wanted it so early.

It was always in the plans for it to get it slightly early.  We I wanted to have it before we go on our honeymoon to Disney World the first week of December (yes we got married LAST December, but because of various reasons we decided to wait to go on a honeymoon) , and since we leave on my birthday, it was going to have to be slightly earlier. I wanted at least enough time for me to get used to the change from a point and shoot.

However, I am going to Las Vegas next week for work, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to practice my camera skills.  I will admit this took a bit of begging, but my husband came through!   As he always seems to do (big gifts especially) he surprised me with it one night after work.  Maybe some day I will tell you about the other fantastic/crazy/ridiculous ways he has given me gifts over the years.  Christmas especially…… he seriously out does himself every year…..

Anyways, now this baby is mine!

Unfortunately, before you see any beautiful photos on here, I will need to clean up my computer so that there is space for them…..and possibly buy a card reader to make the transfer easier…..

Got any tips for someone new to the world of DLSR’s?
Please share them with me!
I love photography, and know an ok amount, but I would love to not shoot in Auto all the time so I’m hoping to learn quickly!

Next week, I will be headed to Las Vegas for a few days, and will be attempting to blog via iPhone.  We’ll see how this goes, but be prepared for various sparatic (mostly photo) posts from Las Vegas!


3 thoughts on “Happy (Early) Birthday to Me!

  1. we were in Vegas last week!! 🙂 have a fab time!

    I shot in auto for the first month with my dSLR… so complicated! Luckily Jason has an EVEN MORE complicated camera and actually knows how to use it, so he teaches me…

    many camera shops offer classes (generally FREE when you buy a dSLR…) maybe look into those? I still think about it sometimes, I learn best that way, hands on.

    🙂 have fun with it!! 🙂

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