Being Sick

Sometimes you just need to let yourself be sick.

  • Cuddle up with a blanket, a pug, and reality TV…or college football. (Pug optional, but highly suggested.)
  • Leave work early….becuase you need to, and you can, and things will be OK if you are not there.
  • Cancel your non-essential weekend activities so that you can sleep in and get some rest.
  • Drink 7up – because for some reason it seems to taste great when you are not feeling well.
  • Not blog.  Blogging is not the most important thing in the world.  People will miss you, but it will be there when you are feeling better.
  • Take a nap.  When you are tired, your body is telling you it needs your help fighting off the bad guys.
  • Do something relaxing for yourself.  Take a walk. Read blogs. Knit.
  • Don’t worry about what you are missing or not able to do.

I am not good at being sick.  I hate not being able to do things. I hate missing work when I know I should really be there.  I hate taking cold medicine.

I’m working on being sick.  I’ll see you all again when I’m over it.  For now, I’ll be spending some time with a bottle of water, tea, knitting, and the Kardashians.


2 thoughts on “Being Sick

  1. Well, I hope you feel better soon but enjoy your tea, knitting and Kardashians. I’m real good at enjoying sick days but they suck when I need to take them at my current job because I get points deducted :(.

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