Potato Chip Cookies

Here comes another recipe from the Cookiemania cookbook!

This one seemed so crazy and odd that I had to try it.  It also helped that I happened to have some chips left over from the Fritolay factory tour that needed to be put to good use.

I found a very similar recipe here, mine just doesn’t include nuts.

Chip Cookies

I’m not really sure how I feel about these cookies.  I don’t really like them – but they aren’t bad.  They taste kind of like slightly salty sugar cookies.  I’m not really a fan of plain sugar cookies, so maybe that is why I don’t really like these.  Maybe they need some kind of glaze or frosting or something.

They also were the crunchy variety of cookie, and I definitely prefer ooey gooey chewy cookies.

Just not my kind of cookie.

Ease: A, really easy.  The hardest thing you have to do is crush some chips, and that takes no time -or skill- at all.
Taste: C, I just really am not a fan.  I’m sure some people would like them, my husband did, they just aren’t my kind of cookie.

Would I make them again? Probably not.

Anyone have any idea what the chips add to the cookie?
Is it just an old fashioned way of adding salt?
I just don’t really understand what they add, or why you would add them.
Somebody tell me you love this kind of cookie and fill me in. 🙂


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