Restaraunt Review: Epic Burger

A few weeks ago, I attended the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago.

After a long day at the Summit, listening to and being inspired by many different people in many different ways, I decided I needed some time to myself to process things.  Instead of opting for one of the group dinners (which I heard were fantastic) I decided to wander my way through Millenium Park


Chicago 2

and make my way to a restaurant that I had heard great things about: Epic Burger

Epic Burger

Yes, while other people were doing tasty food tours of Chicago, or eating some delicious Chicago Style Pizza, I went to a burger place.  But this was not just any burger place.

I’m sure those of you who know me are thinking, “but she doesn’t even LIKE burgers?!?”  Truth.  I don’t like burgers.  However, I do like chicken sandwiches. 🙂

Why did I choose Epic Burger?

1) It was only about a five minute walk from the hotel.
2) My brother, who has lived in Chicago for the past few years declared it as his favorite burger place.
3) After all of this ethical eating talk, I felt like I needed to visit this place, since they are all about ethical eating.

Here is a taste of their menu:

Epic Menu

Here is what I had:

Grilled Chicken Sandwich and French Fries

Epic Sandwich

The picture doesn’t really do it justice.  I was very hungry and couldn’t wast time by taking gorgeous photos. 🙂

The chicken was moist and actually in two separate smaller pieces – not one big blob.   The bun was toasted but still squishy and the fries tasted home made.  Delicious.

I also had a lemonade with dinner and a berry smoothie for dessert that didn’t make to in photos.  Trust me, they were both delicious as well!

Some facts about Epic Burger:

  • All of their burgers are 100% fresh chuck,
    all natural beef.  No hormones, no antibiotics,
    and fed a strict vegetarian diet.
  • The buns are baked fresh daily at a local bakery with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.
  • They use real butter, real cheese crafted by Wisconsin
    cheese makers, pure sea salt, cage-free organic eggs,
    trans-fat free oil, and nitrate free bacon.

Besides the food aspects of thinking ethically, they also use utensils, plates, and straws that are made out of plant materials, and therefore, biodegradable:

Epic Straw

Sounds pretty epic to me.

Taste: A+, definitely delicious, fresh tasting food.
Cost: B, it was a little pricey, but considering the quality of the food, and the fact that they are a local restaurant, I think its worth the extra pennies.

Would I go there again? YES!  It was one of the best grilled chicken sandwiches I think I’ve ever had.  Also, I would like to try every one of their shakes and smoothies because they all look delicious.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting Chicago.  If you are looking for a good burger, skip the chain restaurants and think local, sustainable, and real food!

Epic Burger on Urbanspoon

Are you willing to pay more money for food if you know that it is organic/local/sustainable?


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