Recipe: His and Hers Pizza

Well, I’m back from the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago! I had lots of fun and have lots of informational and fun things to share with you all.  Reading my blog for the first time? Hello and welcome!

When I got home this afternoon, I was exhausted. However, for some reason I really wanted to cook something for dinner.  So I somehow found some energy to go to the grocery store and make dinner.

Tonight, dinner was hand built pizza.  I say “hand built” instead of “hand made” because we did buy the dough and jarred sauce, but did everything else involved in putting the pizza together.

Often times, we make a pizza with two different halves so that each of us can have what we want on it.  Since I am so picky, the sides often end up being very different.  Making your own pizza is the best way to get exactly what you want.  A picky eater’s paradise! 🙂

I do not have a recipe that I use for this. Usually I just kind of wing it, but today I decided to write it all out and share it with you! 🙂



Pizza dough – If there is not fresh dough available at your grocery store, I suggest asking your favorite local pizzeria.  If all else fails, the Pilsbury Pizza Crust is not too bad either.  (we used about 21 oz)
Sauce – Use whatever sauce you want.  My favorite is simple garlic and olive oil.  Other popular choices are pizza sauce, pesto, and Alfredo sauce.
Toppings – You can put ANYTHING on pizza.  Be creative!  One of my favorites is pear and arugula.
Note: If are putting meat on your pizza, make sure that it is pre-cooked before putting it on!

Step 1: Preheat oven to 425 °

Step 2: Spread out the dough on the pan.

Pizza Dough

  • The dough we used is from a local pizzeria named Angelos that sells their dough at our grocery store. We bought a 21 oz bag.
  • I used a metal circular pizza pan similar to this one. It makes about a 16″ pizza.
  • Make sure the dough is spread out evenly. Tip: If you let the dough warm up to room temperature it will be easier to stretch out without ripping.
  • Once you have  the dough stretched out, make sure you poke it all over with a fork.  This will break any air bubbles.
Pizza Crust(Note: This photo is taken before it was poked with a fork)

Step 3: Sauce

  • Choose whatever sauce you want! Today, we each chose a different sauce.  As long as neither of the sauces is too runny, they will stay separated while baking.
  • My sauce was 2 crushed cloves of garlic mixed with about 2 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil.  Although, I only used about half of it on my half of the pizza.
  • His sauce was just regular, out of the jar, pizza sauce.
  • To spread my sauce, I used a pastry brush.  You will want to do this with any thinner sauce to make sure you get a nice even coat.
  • With thicker sauce, like regular pizza sauce, you can use the back of a serving spoon to spread it around.  Using the smooth back of a spoon helps you smoothly move the sauce around without  gouging the dough.

Pizza Sauce

Step 4: Toppings

  • Don’t be afraid to get creative!
  • We used about 10 oz of a mix of shredded cheeses for the whole pizza.
  • His included a couple of pinches of chili powder and about 1/4 lb of cooked ground beef.
  • I stuck with just cheese. 🙂

Pizza Toppings

Step 5: Bake!

  • Put in preheated oven for about 14 minutes.
  • Cooking time will vary depending on the thickness of the crust and the amount of toppings that are on it.
  • Start checking it at bout 10 minutes, and about every 2 minutes after that.

Step 6: Enjoy!


Ease: B-, it does take a bit of work to prep, but the difficulty really depends on what toppings and sauces you choose to use.
Taste: A+, if you build your pizza just the way you want it, there is no reason you shouldn’t love it!

Will I make it again? Yessss!  I love how relatively easy and versatile it is.

What is your favorite pizza topping?

I’m off to get some much needed rest and relaxation after this whirlwind of a weekend!  I’ll be posting more about HLS in the next few days.  Look for my trip to the Frito Lay factory, discussion on ethical eating, and more!  I can’t wait to share with you all of the fun things that I learned!


4 thoughts on “Recipe: His and Hers Pizza

  1. Pizza looks great Kelly! I’ve always wanted to try it but never have, but your way seems pretty easy so I might just have to do it soon! 🙂 As for toppings this little place near my house makes this pizza that has chipotle marinara sauce, mozza, pepperoni, jalapenos, and cream cheese. I feel as if I’ve mentioned this before, so sorry if I have but it’s so delicious it’s worth sharing again! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. *SO* wish I could have been in Chicago to meet you!! 🙂

    this pizza looks great!! Jason usually makes dough, and we split it in half so we can make our own pizzas – and if we can we grill it outside – NOM !

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