Banana Chocolate (Chip) Bars

Just in case you missed the news, I found this awesome book at a garage sale last weekend:

Cookie Mania

Tonight I decided to make the first recipe out of it!  I also found the recipe online, here.  The original recipe in the book is actually called Banana Chocolate Bars, but I think that title is a bit deceiving.  Banana Chocolate Chip Bars sounds more accurate.

First of all, let me say that I am pretty excited about this book.  Almost all of the instructions are not more than 3 steps, and most all of the ingredients are easy to find – and most of the time I have these things on hand!

The way these smell when they cook….oh man.  You should make them just to smell the delicious smells.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bar

They turned out pretty well.  Nothing weird about directions or ingredients.  Pretty solid recipe.  Also pretty easy.  Just your typical mix wet ingredients, mix dry ingredients, combine.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bar

They did come out more cake-like than expected, but that is the only thing I would say I have to complain about.

Ease: A, a simple, basic, recipe.
Taste: A, solid recipe.  A perfect balance between the chocolate and banana flavor.

Would I make them again? Yeah I think so.  They are quick and easy to whip up and pretty darn tasty.

I am loving this cookie book so far.
What is your favorite cookie recipe?


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