Superfood Fudge Pops

The newest Thinkfood recipe is from Hannah over at Bittersweet.  This one looks particularly delicious! You can find the recipe here.

This is number 7 out of 50 recipes!  Check out the Thinkfood tab to see the other 6 that I have made so far.

I think if it would have been a Saturday when I got this recipe, I would have run out to the store, bought the ingredients, and made them right away.  They sounded so tasty.  Unfortunately, I did have to go to work so I couldn’t make them right that second….but a day later is pretty darn good.

The only thing I really ran into with the recipe was heating the coconut milk.  This could just be my stove being wonky again, but it took a lot longer than the recipe suggested it would take.  The recipe says it takes 1-2 minutes to get it “just on the brink of boiling.”  For me to get it somewhere close to that, I would estimate it took about 5 -7 minutes.  And I’m not even sure it was really “on the brink” but it was hot enough to melt the chocolate, so it seemed to work.

I also ended up using slightly less acai juice and dark chocolate that it suggested – only because that was the container size I found.  I used 10.5 oz of acai instead of 11 oz, and 3.2 oz instead of 3.5 oz dark chocolate.

Here is the final product:

Superfood Fudge Pop

Superfood Fudge Pop

They were so good!

I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate, but these were pretty darn good.  I didn’t get a super dark chocolate for exactly that reason.  It was 61% cocoa.  They definitely reminded me of fudgsicles that I used to eat back in the day.  And, actually as they start to melt, you can taste the berry flavor coming through.

Ease: A-, aside from my issue with warming the coconut milk, nothing too difficult.
Taste: A-, if I had used milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate it would probably be a soild A.

Would I make them again? Yes.  Different chocolates, different juices, adding fruit? Mint? Definitely possibilities.

Did you ever get to get treats from the ice cream truck when you were a kid?
I don’t remember it coming around very often, but I do remember the neighbor kids and I going out and getting delicious, sugary, fun shaped treats.


3 thoughts on “Superfood Fudge Pops

  1. Hi Kelly, We haven’t tasted these yet- how does the acai, coconut, and chocolate flavor taste all together? It’s hard to imagine that combination…but I guess I don’t eat acai too often so I’m not even sure what that would taste like on its own…

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