Fast Waffles

Last night, I came home from a fantastic outdoor yoga class and wanted waffles.  It was already 7:30pm so I wasn’t looking for something complicated.  I don’t know how some people do it, but I just can’t eat that late at night!  So I pulled out this little red book:

Betty Crocker

Although I don’t use it much, this book comes in handy for simple, classic recipes.  Even though it doesn’t have pictures for every recipe, it has quite a few and the instructions are usually not that difficult.

I also found the recipe online here – except our recipe did not call for vanilla.

This waffle recipe was easy, and tasty!


Fluffy and soft and almost gooey….but not like, gross gooey, more like chewy.  Obviously Olive wanted some too.

I didn’t realize until after we were eating them that they really did taste a lot better than other waffles that I have made.  But what recipe was I using before?  I’m guessing it was the one on the back of the Bisquick box.  There is nothing wrong with cooking with Bisquick – especially if you are short on time or don’t have ingredients at home.  But now, I will never go back.  These were so.  good.

Ease: A, these were very easy.  Only measuring and cracking eggs involved.
Taste: A, dare I say better than hotel continental breakfast waffles?  They were that good.

Would I make them again? 100% yes.

Is there a category or type of food that you could eat all day?
I categorized these under breakfast, even though clearly I had them for dinner.  I could eat breakfast all day long.


2 thoughts on “Fast Waffles

  1. i am pretty famous for eating breakfast foods for dinner and dinner foods for breakfast.

    this winter, i was found heating up vegetarian chili over rice at 9:00 AM at my office on more than one occassion.

    I’ll take a scramble of epicness ANY night of the weak.

    I also drink hot lattes in the summer and iced coffee in the winter.

    i dont know what is wrong with me.

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