Ice Cream: Take 1 – Oreo

Fun Fact:  Today, July 18, is National Ice Cream Day!

In honor of this day, I decided to pull out our ice cream maker!  I will admit that sadly this is the first time that we have put it to use since we received  as a wedding gift last year.  So I decided to start simple.

I found a recipe for a basic vanilla ice cream on the Cuisinart website.  Here.

The only thing we added to the base mix was about 1 cup of slightly crushed Oreos.  We didn’t totally crush them in an attempt to keep larger chunks in the ice cream, instead of it just turning into grayish Oreo flavored ice cream.  We added them after about 25 minutes in the ice cream maker.

It turned out pretty well.

Oreo Ice Cream

As you can see in this photo, it still isn’t completely frozen – but it was close enough for me 🙂  It seemed like it took a long time to freeze, but that could be because I put too much liquid in the ice cream maker.  When I took it out of there to put it in the freezer, it had thickened, but was still pretty soupy.  The photo was taken after it had been in the freezer for about 3 hours. I’m betting it will be fully frozen in the morning.

Ease: A, really just measuring things, pouring them together, and let them mix together in the ice cream maker for a while.
Taste: A-, the Oreos turned out a little bit soggy tasting.  Maybe we added them in too soon?  Other than that it tasted pretty good.

Would I make it again? Yes. I’m planning on making it and other varieties as well.  Personally, I’m more of a frozen yogurt girl, so I’m going to try some of that as well.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Mine is chocolate for sure, with brownies mixed in if I’m at Cold Stone. 🙂


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