Recipe: Mint Oreo Balls

Just in case you thought the original Oreo balls couldn’t get any better…..well, these may just be better.

Mint Oreo Balls

The base recipe for these is the same as the original Oreo balls. Instead of original Oreo’s, I used the Mint Oreo’s.  And also, when I melted the chocolate, I used about 3/4 semisweet and 1/4 mint chips.  Then, after we dipped them in the melted chocolate mixture, we melted some more mint chips and drizzled it on top.

Not only are these prettier than the original Oreo balls, but they taste just as good – if not better.  They taste similar to Andes Mints, or Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.

I should note that the Husband helped quite a bit with these, and came up with the idea of the mint drizzle.  I guess I can’t take all of the credit. 😉

Ease: A-, same reasons as the original, it does take a bit of prep – but really no big deal.
Taste: A+, very, very good.

One of my favorite blogs Peas and Thank You is having a giveaway for a cookbook!  In case you are not familiar with Mama Pea and the adorable Gigi and Lulu yet, you must go over to her site and check it out!  It is one of the most funny and entertaining food blogs that I read.  She is vegan, and is raising her kids vegan, and is so creative with the food that she makes.  She is working on her own cookbook right now as well!

What is your favorite cookbook?
In my house growing up, it was always The Joy Of Cooking, but most of the these days, I like pictures with my recipes! How to Boil Water from the Food Network is a good one that I have been referencing quite a bit recently.


3 thoughts on “Recipe: Mint Oreo Balls

  1. Can’t wait to try these, going to a b-day party tomorrow, I’m sure they will be a hit!

    Been following all your recipes, going to try the soba noodles next!

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