4th of July

I left off my last post hinting that I would be making a second dessert for the Fourth of July party.

I intended to make another dessert, but apparently the stars did not align to make this happen for me. On step 2 of 5 it was a complete fail.  I couldn’t go back and fix it, and I couldn’t start over because I didn’t have more of the ingredients.  Who knows if it was incorrect measuring, or frustration set in or what, but something did not go my way.  I was frustrated.  I had high hopes for this dessert, it looked delicious!  Maybe next time I make it I will have a bit more patience and realize where I went wrong.

Interestingly, this showed up on my twitter feed yesterday, and I thought it was perfect timing:

@thenheathersaid: AMEN! Also #bakingresults RT @EvanFMFF Just because you’re disappointed the first few times doesn’t mean you should stop trying #love #quote

I will try this dessert again.

Have a fantastic Fourth of July!


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